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 Seen trough the eyes of CJ

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Age : 30
Location : Arnhem
Registration date : 2007-10-16

PostSubject: Seen trough the eyes of CJ   Tue Nov 06, 2007 1:36 am

Hello S!C-members

I wanna thank U for the good time we had till now. Because of some personal problems I have to deal with in real life, I decided to quit playin sof for a while some time finally the time has arrived I actually gonna quit playing. The problems I talk about has nothing and absolutely nothing to do with S!C, sof or whatever, therefor my relation to U guys wont be changed when I come back (yes, thats right..I'll come back).

Anyway, dont get me wrong...people sometime have to deal with stuff before they can continue living the life the lived that they had before they ran into (personal) trouble. For me, that means, I have to deal with a good friend...actually he WAS a good friend, but when he started backstabbing me, he crossed the we all may have crossed a line sometime. Due to this circumstances and me moving back to my parents place, having to get a job there, so I can afford a car and getting a girlfriend (serious relation this time), I dont have enough time to do stuff for the clan. I can check the forum regullary and give advice to all of ya, but I cant and wont do it myself for the time I'll be gone from the clan.

I already know stefan (script), steven (macguyver), martin (sicko) and sascha (sack) respect my choise and I'm sure ya'all will do that. With me leaving there might gonna be some changes. I dont know what that changes gonna be, I'll might make some on my own, others will be maded by my best friends in the clan (the admin-team red.).


Like me, you find everything ok, its a good thing, people respect you for that, but it ain't always good. When U wanna recruit people, ask for former clans and inform by those clans for more information...we forget that at our previous recruitments. That's probably the best way to get to know the recruiteers the best. If they were skilled, loyal and active in those clans..we got great change they will be also for us. You have earned ya respect so many times, that people who doesn't respect ya are crazy fucks with brains only in their left thum.

Stefan and steven:
Further, keep eachother close..I know u 2 dont always agree with eachother, but thats life, if everyone would agree with eachother there would be no fun (like hooligans fighting, sof, smoking joints) but also no bad things (war, aids, hunger). I know you 2 are still good buddies, keep it that way, for me, for sascha, for rick..but especially for the clan, for J.rgen, for badass, for joyrize...for all those, which are also worth fighting for.

Keep working on the server, U might wanna make a new nice mapcycle, cuz I always put the wrong maps in it, you are one of the most experienced player, getting alot of respect from many clans. You might not always say that much and most of the time U prefer playing sof above admin-talking...but U are a nice guy. Ya our man for the server and everything, try making it even better, U might wanna try getting a newer version of rocmod AI, 'cuz AI 136 sucks like hell. Keep going m8 and we'll keep in touch on msn

Try to play some more on our server, sack! When I'was online I always missed ya funny talk in the server. We need people like you online to keep a good environment in the server. Maybe one of us could teach ya how to make some changes in the server or anything so U have something to do next to only playing sof and talking on forum...I think it would be a good thing if U would do that. When I'm around on to me, I always in for a stoned talk between a stoned dutchie and a stoned german Wink

Crazy 15y-old estonian. We gave you ref, me personally wouldn't regret if we could give ya admin-status. You accepted such responsibility and you know, if I wouldn't knew you was 15, I would say you were 17-18. You are doing a really good job, whilst you might not even know it yourselves. You know a lot, you know when somebody is camping, you got good skill and are very good at defending. And it's always nice talking to ya about absolutely nothing. Keep going buddy, and get ya ass in scrim-team...we need someone who can defend like you.

I read ya post, you are busy with setting up an own company...I wish U good luck with it. Take all the time you need to get it working and all, 'cuz we all know real life goes before sof. But keep in mind, we all S!C bastards. If there's any modification that's need to be done to our website (we still got one, right Surprised), you can always talk to me on msn, when I'm around. And keep playing those scrims...U done good all the times U played for us. Respect for that.

You are our latest member, but you are very active on both server and forum. We all like it and I hope U stick around with us for a long time. I talk to you again on always say something when I come online Surprised. Keep practicing, get experience in crowded servers (like UWC or uk[a]) and you'll notice things will go even better then.

Keep smoking that joints in basque-country. But never get too stoned, 'cuz you play like shit then. I do think you need to train your aiming a lil bit. When script is in our server, just ask him to change map to ctf_sonora, put 10 bots in and botskill on level 1. After a while you'll see your aiming has increased.

Although you live in Belgium, I haven't talked that much too ya. Since last week you got very active at our forum and your willing to learn some stuff to do. On xfire I always see you mostly can be found in House Of Boom, and thats a good thing, you getting better every time I see you the very beginning you was a bad player, but getting that experience in HoB has really payed out. Keep going buddy and you'll become respected also by the other clanmembers.

U are good player, lots of skill and next to that ur also good with graphichs. Although I did not speak to U often, I believe you have ya heart on the right place. Keep going, buddy.

For all those I forgot:
Short-therm-memory-loss...sorry, I sometimes smoke way too much, but its a good thing I know their more members, ROFLMAO Razz Very Happy :lol Surprised. Anyways, you all doing a good job and we wouldn't be what we are if you weren't there also. You all are worth fighting for, stay active on both server and forum and we'll grow big.

All of ya S!C-members:
And for the all doing a good job, start recruiting, start playing scrims against some other clans that aint too big yet. Start training with all of us, sic-members, keep training, training, get the point. Training is the key to succes, but U guys already know that...else we wouldn't be where we are now. And I respect you all beeing here and fighting with us.

With all the respect I got from everyone
With all the respect I give to everyone who deserves it
With all the effort in put into BB and S!C
With all the tears I shed
With all the fun I had
With all the love I have for U
For all the friends I have

-clan founder
-clan serveradmin
-clan forumadmin
-clan servermodifier
-mapcycle developer
-clan recruiter
-stoned friend
-drunk friend

aka CrazyCJ, CJ, StOnEdRaIdEr, SR, Stoned


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Seen trough the eyes of CJ
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